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Volunteer Award 2021

The International Sailors’ Society Canada is pleased to announce that the 2021 Peter G. Bernard Volunteer Award was awarded to Sandra Attersley for her contribution and dedication to the Mission to Seafarers in Halifax.

Ms. Attersley’s commitment to the Mission is inestimable. From sharing her culinary talents in the kitchen, bookkeeping for the front office, to providing valuable advice in the boardroom, Ms. Attersley has always made herself available to the Mission. Ms. Attersley has served on the Board of Directors of the Mission to Seafarers for more than 11 years. During that time she has been part of the Executive Committee as Board Secretary, Vice-Chair, Chair and now Treasurer.

The ISSC Volunteer Award committee applauds Ms. Attersley commitment to seafarers, among other worthy groups that she supports, including the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering, Eastern Admiralty Law Association, and the Canadian Maritime Law Association. She is active in her home parish of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Dartmouth and is Part-time member at Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada.

A special thanks to all nominees and volunteers for giving your time, talent and skills during these extraordinary times.


2 thoughts on “Volunteer Award 2021”

  1. We are truly blessed by the commitment of our family of skilled volunteers as we work in harmony to engage, assist and mentor international seafarers. We offer practical, moral and spiritual support as best we can. We are grateful to the ISSC team for the on-going support on many levels.
    Blessings in abundance to all.

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