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ISSC Strategic Mandate

The Strategic Mandate provides direction and focus for the International Sailors Society Canada (ISSC) support of Seafarers and Seafarer Centres across Canada.


The ISSC is committed to the welfare of Seafarers and Seafarer Centres across Canada


To be recognized as a dedicated supporter of Seafarers and Seafarer Centres across Canada


I. Support Seafarer welfare through welcome centre programs

  • Provide funding for initiatives that support connection, comfort and community through welcome centre programs
    • Grants Committee

II. Support Seafarers to further their marine education aspirations through financial bursary support

  • ISSC supports Seafarer marine education aspirations to encourage and empower career advancement through financial bursary support
    • Bursary Committee
    • Historian Committee

III. Promote (Advance/Further) Seafarer awareness and industry recognition through community events and networking engagements

  • ISSC fosters awareness of the contribution of Seafarers and their role in providing safe passage for people and goods that we use/or consume everyday
    • Events & Fundraising Committee
    • Volunteer Committee


Executive CommitteeThe Executive Committee will act as joint leadership council for the ISSC Board of Directors.
The Executive Committee will assist the ISSC Committees to successfully steward their annual goals.
Nominations CommitteeThe Nomination Committee will endeavor to create a diverse, inclusive and balanced ISSC Board of Directors.
Grants CommitteeThe Grants Committee awards grants annually to those organizations that support seafarer welfare.
Volunteer Award CommitteeThe Volunteer Committee will award the Peter G. Bernard Volunteer Award once annually.
Fund Raising and Events CommitteeThe Fundraising and Events Committee will hold at least one event per year that will promote Seafarer awareness.
Bursary CommitteeThe Bursary Committee will award a minimum of one ISSC Bursary Award annually.
Historian CommitteeThe Historical Committee will maintain historical records of the ISSC Boards’ advocacy and heritage
Strategic CommitteeThe Strategic Committee will review and confirm each Committees goal and TOR once annually.