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Gillian Willey Receives 2020 Volunteer Award

The Peter G. Bernard, Q.C. Volunteer Recognition Award was established to recognize volunteers that go the extra mile in helping to provide a warm and hospitable welcome to seafarers visiting Canadian ports.  The ISSC committee that reviews the nominations was impressed by all candidates this year and it was clear that all the volunteers nominated this year were contributing significantly to welfare of seafarers and they should all be congratulated and thanked for their fine service.

This year’s Peter G. Bernard Volunteer Recognition Award goes to Gillian Willey for her work at the Mission to Seafarers in Southern Ontario (Oshawa).

Gillian (Jill) Wyllie was nominated by Reverend Judith Altree from the Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario (Oshawa).   Reverend Altree described Jill as a volunteer since 2017 showing incredible dedication and many gifts.   Jill has almost singlehandedly taken on the entire operation of the Oshawa Mission station, meeting ships on arrival and ensures the Seafarers’ requests are all met, no matter how strange or unusual and no matter the distance she must travel to do so.  Jill ensures that extra “treats” are tucked into Seafarers’ bags and advocates selflessly on the Seafarers’ behalf when necessary.  Described as more than just a “volunteer,”  Jill treats the seafarer men and women as family and considers her role as a calling and a privilege.   It is a great honour to announce Gillian Wyllie is the ISSC Peter G. Bernard, Q.C. Volunteer Recognition Award recipient for 2020.

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